About S2 Project



The Great American Citizen Investigation for transparency in government.
Patriot Head Quarters For All American Patriots.

We are American Citizens made up from individuals and organizations for preserving the US Constitution, the American way of life, & exposing corruption of those that are mutual employees of We The People. While you may not think of yourself as James Bond, Nancy Drew or a Pinkerton Detective. Investigating to bring dark to light is what we do. Both on the state and local levels. Washington, DC may be the Big Show, the most dramatic real life drama of your generation. Think so? Wait until you see what is happening behind closed door right inside your very own Hometown Hall & school system.

WE hope you are a Patriot that will join us for the greatest mission and adventure to save American liberty this country has seen. Whether we're online or off-line we are researchers, teachers, trainers, friends, family, teams, analysts, advocates for America. We are white collar, blue collar, students to retired, military veterans to life time civilians, disabled to professional athlete. We are American Citizens that want our United States of America to be of the people for the people and by the people. To do this we must open the closed doors of out local governments and read what has been written there in our name. Remove those that have abused that privilege we have granted. As is our right and rule of law.