Cancel culture is Satan's tool.

Cancel culture is Satan's tool.

If your and American and you think of yourself as one of the average little people. There is no difference from that, than someone that walks around thinking that they a dismal failure. Being an American Citizen is so much more than that. We are giants in this world of Citizens. The whole point of America is no one is average. Average had nothing to do with being equal in the eyes of God. Or the law. God didn't make us that way. Wake up and stand up!

Cancel culture is Satan's tool.

Posted 3 years ago by S2-Actual, Chris


napos 3 years ago

i invite you to read:
i post there abit. most thoughtgul than my gab spew. love to see your feed.

ps: background obscures your captcha question

Thea Beth Thorne 2 years ago

I am ready to stand and do what I can in this battle for the hearts and minds of the American people.

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